Smartpick 5200

The solution for management and processing of picking orders, tailored to the needs of the electrics / electronics industry

Smartpick 5200

is the solution for the management and processing of picking orders – specially tailored to the needs of the electrics / electronics industry. Special attention was paid to the handling of SMD components. For example, during putting charge / serial numbers are recorded and during picking the correct charge / serial number is predetermined. Thus incorrect picking is not possible anymore!

Increase your productivity!

  • Multiple picking strategies: no matter whether managed by the operator using optimised print lists or integrated automated light systems, Smartpick 5200 increases efficiency thanks to batch picking and multi order picking.
  • Increased accuracy: From the creation of optimised retrieval lists to bar code verification and pick- and put-to-light systems: increase picking accuracy to levels of up to 99% with Smartpick 5200!



Enhance your flexibility

  • Modular structure: extend Smartpick 5200 by additional option modules at any time!



Reduce your cost!

  • Stock reduction: with the help of stock tracking entities can track their stock levels real-time, reduce or even avoid “shelf-warmers” and clear out safety stock and old stock.
  • Maximise storage space: optimised storage space arrangements ensure optimal use of every square centimeter space.



Most important characteristics:

  • Create, edit, and manage orders for putting and retrieval
  • Import material master data (time interval-controlled)
  • Import order data (time interval-controlled, for putting and retrieval)
  • Export order data (time interval-controlled, data from history) export the acknowledged order items (history / booking journal)
  • Stock management of the materials
  • Categorisation of materials using material families
  • Documents and images can be assigned to the material
  • Display of the material image at the storage space possible
  • Management of storage spaces
  • Recording of putting and retrieval
  • Recording of stock correction
  • Unplanned/manual putting and retrieval
  • Simple reporting using predefined lists and reports
  • Convenient management of user rights
  • Special handling for SMD components
  • Full retrieval of stock from the storage space to the production line
    • Several production lines possible
    • Transfer from one production line to another possible (access to material already retrieved)
    • Automatic generation of the return order with the difference in quantity
    • Adjustment of the difference in quantity in the return order if the goods are subsequently transferred to the production line
    • When putting, the system optimizes processes by storing material of the same type together on the same shelf to the greatest extent possible when it is stored in multiple areas

  • Management of charge and/or serial number
    • Recording the charge / serial number during putting; specifying the charge / serial number during retrieval

  • For every movement within the warehouse, besides the other order and material data (e.g. the material, order number, and quantity) the charge number is also recorded in the history
  • Cost centre management at the time of retrieval
  • Minimum stock level monitoring
Advantages at a glance
  • Special SMD-handling
  • Integrated optical indicators
  • Modular structure
  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Maximization of storage space
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