In earlier times, there used to be mainly one strategy: all players get together
and throw themselves at the ball at the same time. That strategy
worked until the trainer explained that a team can also have good scoring
opportunities when the ball is passed over. It is this kind of strategy that
makes a game – and with a good strategy you are playing a successful
game. Even when it comes to penalties: Only two actors are left, the penalty
shooter and the goal-keeper. To get to the goal, the ball only needs about
0.3 seconds. It is therefore not good enough for the goalkeeper to wait for
the ball to be shot - and then to react. The goalkeeper has to decide on a
strategy BEFORE the ball is kicked. Here success depends on know-how,
experience, and flexibility.

Just like in football, fast reaction times, high availability, short routes, and
the networking of your systems are the decisive factors in your production.
We at Kardex Remstar know that – and we always offer you the right strategy for economically efficient spare parts logistics in your production.

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