“In one year I once played for 15 months“ – a truly incredible statement by Franz Beckenbauer. Or Craig Brown: “They had a dozen corners – maybe 12 – I’m guessing.“ Or an almost legendary one by Ruud Gullit: “We must have had 99% of the game. It was the other 3% that cost us the match.“ Well, footballers sometimes have a bit of a problem with figures. Nevertheless: without estimates, figures, facts and statistics it is hard to enjoy even football, you only need to look at football fans as they cast their critical glances at the current status of the soccer league table. And there is always one figure at the end of every game – the final result.


But we know one thing: For you, more than the final results count when it comes to playing in the top league – your statistics are made up of higher margins, increasing efficiency rates, more units per hours, time savings and reduced paths. The fact that storage and retrieval systems manufactured by Kardex Remstar make the difference between premier league and second division is best shown with some Best-Practice examples – including detailed information.


Practical Example

– Airline Aerospace


Products Stored:
– Small and medium size aircraft maintenance parts


– Increased storage capacity. Improved storage conditions for expensive aircraft parts.

   Fast access to maintenance parts.


Scope of Supply:
– 11 Shuttle XP, dimensions 3050 x 863 x 11050mm
– 2 Vertical Carousel

> Controlling: Respond quickly to devision